Walking with shepard

A Mass Effect 360° panoramic vide (2013)

Walking with Shepard is a 360° videoproject from Ron Bakker, created in May of 2013. Over the course of a few months material from BioWare's distinctive Mass Effect 3 world was captured and carefully transformed to panoramic video material.
Only the game client, and its abilities, which is supplied by the game was used to capture material.

Note: this project is a work in progress and serves as an illustrative example of panoramic video of video game content and how it could be applied.

For more information you can send an email to ron@mindlight.nl.


This online presentation uses Flash 11.x and higher.

Use your mouse to drag around or arrow-keys to navigate around, after pressing play.
You can also turn on the panoramic film-strip on the bottom of the player to aid navigation.


Normandy bridge
Citadel corridor
More will be added to this.
Walking with Shepard, a Mass Effect 360° panoramic video. A project by Ron Bakker >